Name: Nebez Kassem
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I'm an educated computer graphics artist specialized in 3D, post‐production and programming for computer games. I also have experience in design for print and for the web. I studied computer graphics at Luleå Technical University, a very broad education within 3D and special effects for both games and film. As students we learned art in traditional media, anatomy and composition in addition to the more technical aspects of computer graphics.

I have a specialty in usability and user experience design, especially in the more aesthetic side of things.

My other interests are computers and technical know‐how and I believe that my skill‐set mirrors my interests well and I'm always dedicated to improving myself.

Work Experience

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About Me

As a person I'm passionate, always honest and always willing to learn. My greatest goal in life is to learn new things and in that way, develop as a person. I always try to see things from new perspectives and I find joy in finding creative solutions to problems. Define a goal for me and I will work independently to get there.

My friends and colleagues describe me as intelligent, honest and competent and I believe I live up to that image if given the chance.

What motivates me is seeing results quickly. Nothing is as motivating as watching a project progressing with milestones with clear results. I prefer that in larger projects, there are shorter milestones with clearly defined goals. Working in groups and projects is preferable.

Hobbies and Free Time

The cultural media I devote the best part of my free time to are video and computer games. I play games not just because they are fun, but also because I think they are interesting.

In the past five or six years I've been active in the non‐profit association Terebi Ge‐mu in Malmö. Terebi Ge‐mu is an association that works to promote video games as culture and in 2010 I was elected as a board‐member and I took over the responsibility for their website, a responsibility I've kept ever since.

As of circa 2011 I have been co‐responsible for the e‐sports and fighting games section of Terebi Ge‐mu, organising and administering tournaments in Street Fighter, Tekken and other such games. I was elected as a board member again in 2013.

I'm also responsible as a technician for live‐streaming our endeavours online. An appreciated service.

My interest in interactive media doesn't exclude a more broad interest for culture. I like to watch and study film and I read books. I have a very deep interest in science and history as well.

My other hobbies are drawing and painting, because I feel it is important to be creative and I also write fiction, mainly world creation and settings. I also play a little bass‐guitar as another creative outlet.


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